Best Manufacturer of Brake Lining & Brake Pads in India- Toughla

About Toughla

Toughla is a leading supplier of quality car brake pads, truck brake lining, and truck brake pads etc. They manufacture products suitable for TATA trucks, Mahindra vehicles, and buses. They have a decade old history and they supply products globally.Toughl is a leading manufacturer of brake lining and brake pads. They are based out of Delhi.

Toughla Offers

  1. Wide Range: Toughla suppliers of friction material such as brake shoes, brake linings in India.
  2. Superior Quality: Toughla provides highest level of compliance to quality and defect prevention, which explains their commitment to quality.
  3. Green Technology: They ensure sustainability and promote environment friendly green methods to the maximum extent possible.


Why Choose Toughla

Toughla is an upcoming leader in friction technology and it is committed to highest quality. Each and every product that is manufactured at the production facility of Toughla passes through a stringent quality check before it is shipped to clients. Toughla has a team of excellent engineers who work day in day out to improve the technology further. We perform some international level technology upgrade excercies as well where we invite engineers from countries like Germany, France and Italy to help us further improve our technology.

Toughla is the preferred brand because of following reasons:

  1. Full customization. We have mastered the technology and today we are capable f providing high degree of customization to meet your requirements.
  2. High engineering standards
  3. Value for money

Toughla Product Range

HCV TATA Brake Lining Range:

  1. TATA 1109 Brake Lining: Asbestos Price – Rs. 1254, Asbestos Free – Rs.1390
  2. TATA 909 EX Brake Lining: Asbestos Price- Rs. 1102, Asbestos Free- Rs. 1294
  3. TATA 909 EX (16 Hole) Brake Lining: Asbestos Price- Rs. 1176, Asbestos Free- Rs. 1420
  4. TATA 12 HOLE Brake Lining: Asbestos Price- Rs. 2732, Asbestos Free- Rs. 2800

LCV TATA Brake Lining Range:

  1. 407 LCV City Ride RTV Brake Lining: Asbestos Price- Rs. 650, Asbestos Free- Rs. 848
  2. 608,609 LCV Brake Lining: Asbestos Price: Rs. 768, Asbestos Free- Rs. 968
  3. 709 LCV Brake Lining: Asbestos Price: Rs.886, Asbestos Free- Rs. 1090
  4. 709 S CAM (New Model)/F 909 EX (TATA 709): Asbestos price: Rs. 1092, Asbestos Free- Rs.1320

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